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Private jet charter aviation frequently asked questions

How do I get quotes for my private flight?

For your private flight you can contact and request quote to PJP: by website, by email, by phone or by whatsapp.

How long does it take to get a quote for my flight request ?

For flights in Europe, you can have response to your quote within minutes. Requests for Usa, Africa and Asia may be longer (15 to 30 mins).

How much does it cost to travel by private jet?

The cost of hiring a private jet depends on flight time, aircraft hourly rate and airport fees. All prices that you receive from our network are fully inclusive, there are no hidden costs.

How can I pay for my private flight?

PJP accepts bank transfers and payment by credit or debit card. Don’t hesitate to discuss payment options with us.

How many different operators can quote for my flight request?

The PJP network includes over 2000 aircraft globally around the world, registered through over 100 accredited private aircraft operators.

Why are empty legs so affordable?

Empty leg flights generally arise because of one of these reasons: The clients are not returning to the aircraft’s point of origin or It’s too expensive to have the crew and aircraft wait for the return leg. Discounts on empty legs vary between 40-75% compared to regular charter flights.

Are the private jet safe?

Yes, the private aircraft are safe. We ensure all featured jet operators have updated Aircraft Operator Certificates, operating licenses, and insurance documents.

How many pilots will there be on my aircraft?

PJP always requests that you have 2 pilots on each flight. In addition, it is often a legal obligation depending on the type of aircraft.

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Private jet charter aviation glossary

AIR CHARTER – Act of renting or hiring a private jet for transport.

AIRCRAFT – A machine used for flight like a private jet.

AIRPORT – A building that is used for takeoffs and landings of aircrafts.

AVIATION – The operation, development, production and use of jets.

BUSINESS JET CHARTER – An aircraft that is chartered for the purpose or use in business transportation.

CATERING – Catering is the provision of in-flight meals. Its service provided for luxury jet charters.

DIRECT FLIGHT – A flight that operates from a city A to a city B without a connection.

EMPTY LEGS – A re-positioning flight where the aircraft is flying empty.

FLIGHT TIME – The time between take-off and landing.

FUEL SURCHARGE – A charge for the increased price of fuel to cover fuel price increases.

GROUND SPEED – The speed of an aircraft relative to the surface of the earth.

JET CHARTER – Act of renting or hiring a private jet for transport.

MANUFACTURER – Company of aircraft builder, such as Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Cessna, Pilatus etc.

NBAA – National Business Aviation Association.

NO-SHOW – Passenger with a confirmed reservation, but didn’t come on board on time.

PRIVATE FLIGHT – A flight for private use.

PRIVATE JET – A jet that is privately owned.

PRIVATE JET BROKER – An intermediary who compares options from operators to facilitate renting a private jet.

PRIVATE JET CHARTER – Hiring a private jet for a specific itinerary .

TURBO JET AIRCRAFTS – Aircrafts with jet engines that operate turbines which operate air compressors.

UTC – Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).