Safety and Privacy with PJP

Private-Jet PRO is a french, internationally flight broker based in Paris & Lyon, also known as "PJP"

Services According to International Standards

In our high-quality services, special care is taken to ensure that the services are provided to the client in accordance with or exceeding the principles proposed by the International Civil Aviation Organization. The most important of these principles is to ensure the client and staff's safety for which the highest quality technology and equipment, as well as all kinds of resources, are always ready.

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Aircraft and operators

PJP do not provide private jet blacklisted by the European Union, either an aircraft with a single motor or a single pilot. PJP follows the principle of ‘Quality First’ so that our clients can enjoy the safest and best travel. We take special care of the Aircraft's quality we book for our clients and how old they are. This provides superior travel services to our clients and ensures the delivery of services in accordance with our company's high principles.

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Public Transport

PJP organizes all its flights within the framework of public transport. The very strict regulations ensure a level of safety identical to that of the main international airlines.

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No compromise with Operator's Certificate

The operators' certificates are certified by the approved civil aviation organization of the country in which the Aircraft is registered, and the documentations are thoroughly verified and certified. This is because, in an emergency, only the relevant aviation agency and its certificate are acceptable.!



We make sure that all PJP clients' details that hire our services are kept safe and confidential. The confidential information of all PJP clients is used solely to resolve flight and immigration issues, and any other use of it is strictly prohibited.

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