Why charter a private jet for business travel?

Do you desire to know the benefits of renting a private jet?

Suppose you frequently travel for business and business-related matters. In that case, you will certainly have realized that, regardless of the flight company, there are a whole series of situations that in classic air travel can inexorably compromise the comfort of your trip.

Among the most common "cats to peel," we find the following:

  • The long delays at check-in, mainly due to the formation of the queue at the time of boarding
  • endless stress of collecting checked baggage with the possible risk of not finding it (and wasting time reporting the problem) or finding it damaged
  • Possible delays strikes
  • The fact that the aircraft are often quite dated (a problem not always connected to low-cost airline companions)
  • The increasingly frequent downsizing of air fleets
  • Result? In the face of these inconveniences, you waste time and money.
  • And this inevitably affects your business too.

Renting a private jet enables you to avoid the stress of this whole series of problems. The airport advantages, not surprisingly, are evident.

Charter Plane Benefits: You Save Time

Reminisce about the last time you flew on a commercial flight; you probably got to the airport around two hours before your departure time. And, you might have a lot of waiting around to do, and when you land it, it's unavoidable to get stuck in a queue; either for customs and immigration or just waiting for your check bag.

You can fly on a private jet whenever you want and turn up just 15 minutes before taking off. There is no waiting after you land either custom agents will come to you. And, your bags will be off the plane and into a private car in a matter of minutes.

Charter Plane Benefits: You Can Fly Wherever You Want

In the US, only around 10 percent of airports have commercial flight services. Suppose if you wanted to fly from Dallas, Texas to Sarasota, Florida, the quickest way to fly this route on a commercial airline will take a minimum of 4 hours and 30 minutes.

You could fly the same route non-stop in under two hours, cutting the journey time in half. A great success not having to stake to commercial airline routes and schedules makes a huge difference.

Charter Plane Benefits: Pets

If you're a pet lover, then flying on a private jet is great as you're able to bring a furry friend on board with you. On a commercial flight, your pet will have to go in the plane's cargo area, but on a private jet, they can ride in the main cabin with you.

Charter Place Benefits: No More Airline Food

While traveling on a private jet, you can usually request any food you want and experience some of the most hearty foods in the world at 37,000 feet. You can even choose the right brand of tea or coffee you want. It is a way better option to now on food.