Is it accurate to say that long queues at the airport, deferred flights, and rush at the airport have turned your peaceful commercial air travel into a distressing task? And with the COVID-19 situation, you feel hesitant to fly even in business classes on airlines. To overcome these conditions, think to charter a private airplane.

There was a time when few ultra-rich men could have the privilege of flying by private plane. But with the increase in the number of millionaires, more people are buying their luxury planes since they are more accessible. But it is a fact, depending upon the model, size, and range; a special jet can come to you somewhere from $2- million to $100 million.

At that point, a question arises: Can I Afford a Private jet?


  • A personal luxury plane can expect somewhere between $3 million to more than $100 million.
  • The hourly rental expense to charter a particular luxury plane can be anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000.
  • Other expenses of an individual jet may include fuel, maintenance, repairs, jet insurance fee, and staff salaries.
  • You can afford a private plane through personal loans, luxury private jet membership, and a second-hand plane are cheaper.

Private Jet Charter Costs:

It is a fact that a normal person would dream of spending 1.4 million to $20 million for acquiring a private plane. Besides that, you would expect to pay for fuel, maintenance, crew, and repairs. Hence, taking a personal luxurious jet can be expensive.

In this way, chartering a private jet is an affordable yet flexible choice for you.

A charter flight a non-scheduled business class flight that is independent of the regular air line routing. In this, you can rent an entire plan. They categorize charter flight into;

  • Private charter
  • Affinity
  • Public charter
  • Single Entity

Typically, to lease a private plane, you will expect to pay hourly. The expenses may vary depending upon a few factors.

  • Length of the flight
  • Model of the plane
  • Number of travelers

A charter flight ranges somewhere from $1,200–$10,000. But it can be cheaper by joining a special jet membership club. It will save you money with the monthly fees that vary with flight details, which is surely a plus point. PJP private aviation is a well-known jet charter company. They charge their members very low with a few preferences, includes visitor passes and limited arrangements for an entire family.

PJP Private Jet Membership:

Although chattering on a private plane is less expensive than buying your private jet, but PJP has made flying on a private jet even cheaper. You can now fly across the United States in a lavish private jet at low prices. It is now easier to travel 65 minutes one-way flight from Canada to Las Vegas for only few hundred dollars. In this way, now possible to take off in a private plane at a very affordable price and with all the luxuries included.