Everyone dreams of traveling worldwide most comfortably and luxuriously in a private jet, but the sky-high rates of private aviation make this impossible. You ask this question frequently “Can I afford a Private Jet”? Thanks to PJP, their chartering services, you can enjoy your favorite food, beverages, and privacy in business meetings while vacationing in private aviation at economical prices. From local to intercontinental flights, for business or leisure, the years of expertise team of PJP make sure their loyal clients travel in comfort and luxury. PJP allows its charter customer to experience all the benefits that an airplane owner enjoys.

Here we've put together all hourly rental rates, prices, and everything thing you need to know before renting a jet for your next trip.

Private Jet Rental Cost:

PJP offers private aviation in a wide range of aircraft categories. Our private jet rental cost varies depending upon various factors like aircraft model, aircraft category, billable flight hour, trip distance, runway size, and the number of passengers on the board. For this purpose, first, decide which type of airplane you are going to rent. Here at PJP, we offer different private airline. From small-sized twin pistons to the largest Jumbo jets, we provide high-class services and affordable rents.

Hourly rental rates for private charter flights:

Whether you are making a trip to New York or from Los Angeles to Aspen, flying worldwide with your friends for leisure, or making a business trip with an executive team, the most budget-friendly private jet will cost different for every flight. They factored prices by multiplying hourly rental rates of a private jet by the flight time (for instance, suppose the hourly rate of a Cessna CJ3 Aircraft is $4000. They calculate the rental rate as $4000 hourly rate× 2 hours fight time = $8,000)

The hourly rate for a small twin-piston can start as low as $1200. Likewise, for a jumbo jet, the hourly rental rate can be as high as $15,000.

Prices by Aircraft Category:

Here we have compiled the most popular Aircraft categories with their hourly rental price for PJP clients.

Smaller Aircraft charter cost:

Looking for a small hop flight between the states or Island with much more modest speed? A turboprops aircraft, one of the smallest aircraft, is designed for 4 to 6 travelers with very little luggage. Fly to the Bahamas aircraft, our Piper Seneca, which is surely a cost-effective option. Piper Seneca is aa twin-engine piston plane that can bring you from Montauk to New York for around $2900.

Go with Cessna Citation CJ3, if you are flying for a vocation with the official team or flying with a group of friends to vacation. Travel for 1 hour from Los Angeles to Los Vegas on a light jet like Cessna Citation CJ at a competitive price of $4200.

Mid-sized Aircraft Charter cost:

A mid-sized aircraft offers additional space that allows you to fly distant places at an increased charter cost because of the increased flight time. Private mid-sized jets include Cessna Citation X, Gulfstream G280, and Learjet 60XR. Private Aircraft flight from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. costs around $31,000 in Learjet 40 with seating for up to 6 travelers, and around $39,000 in a Hawker 900XP with space for up to 9 travelers. Normally the expense every hour for this aviation is approximately $5,600 and $7,100, individually.