Do people usually ask questions, "Can we fly with our cats on the private jet"? And the answer to the PJP cooperative team is always YES. We warmly welcome your beloved cats to board our charter flight. Because for a quiet many people's cats are more like their family to them, so PJP ensures the wellbeing of your beloved ones travel safe and comfortable in our private aviation.

The flights for cats can be a traumatic experience in commercial flights because; they do not allow them to stay in the cabin with their owner but the cage surrounded by suitcases. A pet feels at home when he/she is with its owner. In PJP private aviation, you own the entire jet, so we will treat your furry friend with our VIP services and will enjoy a trauma-free, comfortable journey.

To make the process transparent, we will help you in checking pet travel guidelines and documentation, with the goal that you can fly together, stress-free and effortless.

Benefits of chartering PJP Private Aviation for Cats:

  • The cat and the owner will have the privilege to fly stress-free, without the experience of the disturbance of other passengers or cats.
  • You will fly in the type of jet you are comfortable with
  • No crowd at the airport for security check
  • You can choose the time of take-off according to your convenience.
  • Private jets offer lavish-services to fulfill the need of your cat and you.
  • No cat’s breed type or age restrictions
  • The cat will travel safe and sound with the owner in the cabin but not in the cage.
  • Private jets will offer you customized food according to your needs.

Tips for Flying with your Cat on Private Jet:

  1. Follow the legal guidelines and documentation:

  2. It is essential to think about the legal guidelines and demands before boarding on the jet with your cat. For instance: Since January 2021, there have been some changes in the documentation and requirements that include the following guidelines: The pet should be two months old or above, weaned, and healthy. Plus, they need owners to have a cat vaccination just as a legitimate wellbeing testament from an authorized veterinarian within 30 days of flying.

  3. Pet must be in good health:

  4. It is necessary to see a veterinarian before a week from departure, assuring the cat's wellbeing. There you will get a health certificate, which you will carry with you to the airport, for ensuring that vaccination and check-ups are up to date. The guidelines and documentation of each country are different. In this regard, contact the PJP aviation advisor, who will update you about the current guidelines for carrying a pet in a private jet. Typically, most countries ask for rabies and tapeworm vaccination before the take-off.

  5. Medication and food intake:

  6. We advise it not to apply any medication before the take-off or on the flight without consulting a veterinarian. Wrong medication can cause severe respiratory or heart problems. The water and food intake must be little to avoid bathroom usage and vomiting or upset stomach.