Flying with pets on a private jet or private aviation is the most secure, quick, and popular way to take your furry pet to any destination without any hassle. On the other hand, commercial aircraft store pets in a cage with cargo. So, you would never want your pet to come in a cell while enjoying the journey.  

However, now you can fly with your bulldog on private jets because they allow the pets on board to follow the necessary procedures. Here are a few tips that can help you to enjoy a safe and quick journey with your furry. 

Know the Legal requirements Before take-off

It's the fundamental need to know the legal requirements before flying with your pet on a private jet. For example, according to USA rules, your pet must be at least eight weeks old with a valid health certificate from a licensed veterinarian. 

Make sure your pet is healthy.

It's another essential requirement to make an appointment with a veterinarian within a week from the departure for a check-up to ensure that your pet is healthy. Afterward, get a good health certificate and some advice from the veterinarian.

Be careful with medications.

Don't provide your furry dog with medications before flying with your pet on a private jet because it can enhance the risks of heart and respiratory problems. However, it would be better if you can get a piece of advice from the veterinarian.  

Limit food and water intake

Water is the basic need for any living thing; however, provide a reasonable amount of water to your pet. Avoid the excess before the departure because it would increase the use of the bathroom. In addition to water intake, it's also essential to limit the food intake to prevent upset stomach and vomiting while on the board. 

Ensure your pet's safety and comfortability while onboard

You need to ensure that your pet is safe and comfortable during the entire flight. It's a good idea to put it into a crate because sometimes, it might be aggressive and create a hassle for other passengers. Also, your pet can damage itself and within a private jet. 

Besides safety, bring a clean blanket for dogs and cats to lie on it and avoid leaving hair on the aircraft's carpet. It would leave a good impression on the crew. Moreover, it would be best if you bring a muzzle in case if your dog gets aggressive.

Bring Stress-eliminators

Some pets can be sensitive to technical things, so bring those toys and blankets used in their daily lives to reduce their stress. For a pleasant journey, it's prominent to make your pet feel less aggressive and anxious. 

Provide Food and Water upon landing

Usually, the pets get hungry and thirsty after a short or long flight. So, provide them enough food and water upon landing to restore their energy. Besides, allow your pet to get some exercise after a private jet's flight to get back in normal condition. 


Private aviation enables you to enjoy your whole journey with flexibility, safety, and peace of mind, along with your pet. No doubt, private aircraft ensures a fast, safe, and comfortable flight compared to commercial airlines. So, we recommend using a private jet to ensure a quick and safe journey for both you and your pet.