Do you have any idea how much stressful it is to carry luggage on commercial planes? Everyone does ever-packing while leaving for somewhere we unconsciously end up taking more baggage than we need. In commercial jets, it is necessary to carry luggage up to50lbs only, which is distressing. In case the luggage is over 50 lbs, some possibilities will either put the extra baggage in the cabin compartment, in front of your seat, or they will throw it.

In contrary to commercial flights, private aviation has some benefits when it comes to carrying bags. You can avoid these situations by consulting PJP’s consultant for these queries before chartering the jet.

Here are the few tips you need to follow while booking a seat in a private aircraft.

There is a misinterpretation that you can carry as much baggage in a private plane. No, there are still a few limitations and factors that affect the luggage carrying capacity. Factors that can affect the luggage capacity are:

  • The number of passengers.
  • Size of the jet.
  • The distance of the flight.
  • Length of the runway.

Luggage by Plane Size:


Turboprops are the most commonly used private jets by business people and others because these jets are spacious and cost-effective. Being more economical than other aircraft, this jet offers better space for luggage; cabin and the passenger seats are wide. Turboprop King Air model has a lavish interior, 9-wide passenger seats, and a 55 cubic-feet baggage area in the rear end, with an accommodating capacity12 of bulky bags.

Very Light and Light Jets:

Citation Mustang and Embraer Phenom 100 are very light jets with 4-passenger seats. Because of the compact size, they have little luggage carrying capacity. Embraer Phenom 100 has a moderate area of 54 cubic feet for external suitcases. If you travel to Phenom 100, you can bring an extra small-suitcase and a small hand-carry. But it is not suitable for sportspeople they cannot carry golf clubs or skis.

Remember that the luggage storing area of small jets is so modest that the suitcases are more likely to compress in the luggage storing compartment. So carry soft bags, then hard shell suitcases to avoid any loss.

Light jets like Citation XLS allows you to carry more luggage than VLJ's as they can accommodate 6-8 passengers with a spacious 92 cubic feet luggage capacity. This jet is perfect for groups of business people or family members.

Mid-sized and large size jets:

They intend large airplanes for 8-16 travelers to accompany a more liberal hold limit. So notwithstanding flying with great gatherings of travelers, these heavier planes can be a decent decision in case you're going with an exclusively tremendous measure of baggage.

A mid-sized Citation Sovereign has maximum seating for 8-10 travelers. Offering a spacious 135-cubic feet area to fit your precious belongings, these mid-sized jets are perfect for groups with a remarkable amount of luggage for long flights.

Embraer's Legacy is another PJP's enormous body airplane that stands apart regarding bag and baggage. This giant-jet has typically 13 passenger seats and exceptional 286 cubic feet of luggage storage. With the capacity of this enormous bag of items of baggage, this jet is popular among the elite class and a large group of business people.