Wish to fly in full luxury? Nothing can beat the comfort, style, and luxury of PJP private aircraft. Experience the world’s best-selling lavish jets with an interior design featuring a large cabin, bedroom en-suite toilet, kitchen, and conference rooms. Take an inside look at the five most rich personal luxury plane models on the planet from manufacturers like Airbus and Gulfstream, Boeing.

Boeing BBJ 777-8–$410m

Recognized for being the greatest-reach jet, this double engine Boeing Business Jet 777-8 is probably the highest-priced private aircraft on earth, priced at $410m. By having the capacity to accommodate 75 passengers, this luxurious jet can fly at a range of over 11,500 km throughout the world with no stop, makes it perfect for making those haul that is very long enjoyable and comfortable. The spacious interior includes a 3,256 sq. ft cabin, can customize its roomy interiors to your taste. The interior space of BBK 777-8 comprises a dining room, lounges, and summit room. On dispatching the airplane, Boeing commissioned three leading design firms (Jet Aviation, Unique Aircraft Design, and Greenpoint Technologies) to make ideas for the lodge, exhibiting how it tends to be changed to suit the flavors of an individual purchaser.

Boeing 747-8 VIP

The Boeing 747-8 VIP private aircraft is exceptionally impressive. With a spacious 4,786 square ft. jet offering a luxurious lounge, master suite office, and dining room for 16 people, Boeing is undoubtedly the second-largest private jet ever launched. This world's bestselling jet, costing $367million with an unfurnished interior, has an excellent reach of 9,200 nm and can fly at the maximum speed of 645 miles/hr around the globe.

Because of its unfurnished interior, an anonymous millionaire spent an extra $200 million on its interior, adding a dining room for 18 people, living rooms, kitchen, and bathroom.

Airbus ACJ350 XWB–$366.5 Million

Airbus's ACJ350 XWB is vast, the most technologically latest lavish wide-bodied private jet, with a boarding capacity of 26 passengers.

The Airbus can fly 22 hours non-stop with a flying range of 11,100 nm. Being 9% more fuel-efficient than Boeing's 787, Airbus ACJ350 has a duration of 219 ft and a wider cabin offering more comfort and flexibility and a well-furnished interior. The ACJ350 XWB is also the most expensive private aircraft around the globe, with a price range starting from $317 million.


With an expensive price range of $73 million and an extraordinary flying range of 7,700 nm, BOMBARDIER GLOBAL 7000 is the fastest business jet in the world. The long-haul luxury jet features revolutionary deep recline of this Nuage seats through a full-size home, 4-comfortable living rooms, and loyal crew members.


The leading Gulfstream G650ER includes an extraordinary range of 7,500 kilometers and a maximum cruise speed of 597 km/h at the highest speed, 0.925. Speaking of its lavish interior, the custom-made cabin with a seating of 20 people, stocked with rich leathers, stylish stonework, and fine wood veneers. The lodge is 100% ventilated with fresh air.

The expensive Gulfstream G650ER pricing £51 million can travel non-stop from New York to Hong Kong and London to Singapore. The living rooms feature exclusive seminar places, sophisticated lounges, bathroom lounges, and galleys being fully equipped.