Once again you can go out to enjoy your upcoming summer holidays. However, the Coronavirus pandemic is still affecting thousands of people in a single day. But you can enjoy your summer, and it would be better if you prefer a private aircraft over the commercial airlines. 

Flying via commercial flights, you will have to face huge crowds, hundreds of people, and many other problems that can affect and make you a Covid-19 patient. 

Top Private Jet flights for Summer holidays

Of course, there is always a risk; however, travel via private aircraft can reduce it as a minimum to nothing. The company provides you a private car that will pick and drop you at the airport so that you don't need to wait for long times. 

Moreover, a private jet facilitates you with General Aviation Terminal that is different from everyday regular passengers' terminal. Below are the top private jet flights for the summer holidays that can make you cheerful and happy.


It's a beautiful archipelago of 115 islands, stunning beaches, and clear turquoise waters that make it more valuable and the lap of luxury. The frigate is one of the best and most famous islands in the Seychelles. 

You can enjoy your summer holidays in more comfort and style in the land of beauty. However, for better luxury, a private jet is the best option to go out for your summer holidays. 

The British Virgin Islands (BVI)

The British Virgin is the collection of islands that make it the most famous for the summer holidays. White sandy beaches, coral reefs, and awe-inspiring views add a great look to its beauty. Moreover, Tortola Island is one of the most favorite and worth visiting islands along with the world's famous beaches.   

Even more, Tortola will make your holiday remarkable by offering scuba diving, surfing, and sailing. In short, we recommend you enjoy your summer holidays in the British Virgin Islands. If you are willing to visit these islands with a private jet, it becomes much more manageable. 

Olbia- Sardinia, Italy

Olbia is a good choice for the summer holidays. Its beautiful seas, beaches, and many cultural interests make it more valuable among the other coastal cities. Olbia airport is 6 km away from the city center. A VIP terminal that is dedicated to private aircraft is also available 24 hours a day. 

Cannes- France

Cannes is worth visiting and an attractive choice, along with its upmarket boutiques, sandy beaches, and palatial hotels. There are many events and festivals; The Cannes Lions International festival is one of them. 

Cannes-Mandelieu Airport is a significant gateway for private jet travelers or tourists flying into and from the French Rivera. The airport also offers a VIP terminal that is dedicated to private aircraft. 

Supai, Arizona

Supai is buried at the Grand Canyon's bottom and is only accessible by a private jet or foot. Here you will see awe-inspiring views of waterfalls. However, if you are willing to sleep under the pitch-black sky with only stars, charter a private aircraft and start your journey to Supai.