When summer comes to its end and winter begins, that is to say, it's time to arrange your private jet flight for the winter holidays. However, plan your travel early enough to ensure you get the most suitable private aircraft or a private charter at the best prices. Below are the private aircraft flights for winter destinations;

Hire a jet to Colorado

It's the most popular destination for private jet customers ; Our company PJP reporting an increase in private flights to that state. However, winter travel to these destinations can be challenging due to the mountain terrain, especially on longer flights.

Hire a jet to Florida

Florida is one of the top private jet flights for the winter holidays. Palm beaches and Naples are the most popular during the summer as Florida reopened before most.

Hire a jet to Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is the original sin city. According to Silver private charter, it's the top gateway spot in Nevada. Also, it's just 45 minutes away from any executive airports. Aside from this, gambling, drinking, and nightlife are some of the popular events in Las Vegas. Natural attractions, including Grand Canyon National park, Zion National Park, and Death Valley National Park in neighboring California, are just a few hours away by car. However, these National parks are a few minutes away by private helicopter.

Hire a jet to Mexico

Mexico is another one of the top winter destinations for private jet aircraft. However, it has also become the most popular destination for international travelers. According to the US embassy, Mexico does not require any proof of Covid-19 is a negative test for entry.

Hire a jet to Santa Monica, California

We can say it's one of the best winter destinations for the winter holidays. Moreover, San Diego, Palm Springs, and Los Angeles are the good choices for flying in winter..

Hire a jet to Hawaii

It starts welcoming the tourist in the month of October. Hawaii islands are 6-hours away from the most popular coastal cities.

Hire a jet to Sea Islands, Georgia

PJP is reporting Sea Islands (Georgia) is one of the top destinations in the winter. It's located between Jacksonville and Savannah. However, Simon island indeed is a golf-lovers paradise.

Hire a jet to Bozeman, Montana

Once again, it's joining the top popular private jet flights for winter holidays or destinations.Also, it's the primary entry point for Montana when people are heading to Montana. Moreover, we can say Bozeman is a few hour's drives from Yellowstone National park. Montana is also a social distancing spot, while Bozeman is increasing the popularity.

Hire a jet to Nassau, Bahamas

The Caribbean is remaining the most popular place and receiving the Americans with relaxed restrictions. According PJP, an uptick of private jet flights for the winter holidays to Nassau. However, Magellan jets expect to see enough flights for the Dominican Republic, Caicos, and Turks. But both Turks and Caicos require a negative Covid-19 PCR test and should take it within five days before departure. On the other hand, Dominican Republic does not require Covid-19 negative test,