Monday, Geneva; Tuesday Paris while Wednesday should find you in Dubai. That's part of this week's schedule. A few things are as exciting as getting a long-desired promotion. However, this step up the ladder isn't all about the paycheck and fringe benefits; it comes with more responsibilities. Being the CEO can be quite demanding. As a cooperate, your diary is ever full. Meetings are held every now and then to oversee the operations of the organization. From striking business deals to rolling out new policies, you are constantly on the move. This is especially true if your line of work involves a lot of travel.

When it's finally vacation time, you want to spoil the family. The youngest, Kyle, is the apple of your eye. His smile always warms your heart even after a draining day at work. This year, you want to visit some of the wonders of the world. Their pick is excellent; the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal. The oldest, Masha, will love these spectacles of engineering. They all can't wait!

For these needs to be met, the mode of travel is of paramount importance. Aren't commercial flights good enough? Sure, they'll move you across lands but can they measure up to the lighting speed jets? The latter is more convenient for those wanting to do more within the shortest time possible. The aviation sector has thus expanded in chartered flights. This is due to the increasing demand for business and familial jets. Want to know more about them? Read on!

Business jet

Whether attending a conference or presenting a business proposal, a private charter may be the best option. Instead of experiencing disappointments and frustrations of public airlines, you choose the time to fly and where to land. It could be as close as the helipad of the meeting venue. Have you been alerted of an impromptu assignment at HQ? Worry not, the private jet will ensure you are there in split seconds. To allow autonomy, you can select any of the ones below.

  • Corporate Charter

  • Due to the nature of work, some organizations have arranged for business charters for their employees. This saves them time to be spent in searching for a suitable airline. Additionally, the formal procedures at the airport are shorted such that the individuals can be on board soonest.

  • Group Charter

  • Business aviation has undoubtedly been a game-changer in the industry. When thinking about cost, group charters are the way to go. This is because there may be discounts as compared to per head flights. This provision comes in handy for example if an entire department is to go for a workshop or retreat. You get to schedule the time and preferred route. The best thing is that there is a variety of destinations.

Familial jet

Can you imagine the joy of a bride when she lands at the wedding venue with a private jet? Not only has the delay been averted due to traffic but also the classic arrival she has made. For an exquisite and unforgettable experience with family or friends, try the familial charter. Whether heading to parties or family gatherings, the comfort and privacy needed make a private jet the most suitable option. Private aviation allows the family to choose the interior design, the cabin crew as well as food to be served. Even your extroverted children will have fun since they can play during the flight as opposed to the stationary position in commercial airlines. It might seem like a luxury to be forgone but it'll be worth every single cent!


Are you after efficiency in this fast-paced lifestyle? Whether leisure or business, private charters sort you out. Business aviation solutions are tailored for your corporation to make traveling efficient while familial charters make sure every moment spent with loved ones is well utilized. Private pilots are on hand to attend to your needs as you enjoy the cruise. You get to schedule the time as well as who to include onboard. Business-class in commercial flights might be a shadow, a private jet is the real deal. The next time you are thinking of air travel, think private charters.