Usually, private jet providers determine the total costs of a private jet by calculating hourly rates. However, sometimes it does not work and may be unable to provide accurate results. Here are the most important and main factors that can determine the total costs of private jet flights. 

Aircraft Category

It's a significant factor that can help private jet providers calculate or determine private jet flights' total costs. It refers to the size of private aircraft; that is to say; a large private plane will cost more than very light private aircraft. 

So, private jet prices vary depending on aircraft category, smaller plane or giant plane. From very small jets to ultra-long-range jets, fees range from $2000 to $10000 per hour. 

Aircraft Type

The prices also vary depending on the type of aircraft, and it's one of the most influential factors that determine the total costs of private jet flights. There are various types of aircraft available to charter, including small turboprops, light-sized jets, mid-size jets, super mid-size jets, heavy jets, and ultra-long-range jets. 

  • Turboprops prices start around $2000 per hour
  • Light size jets begin around $3000 p/h
  • Mid-size aircraft are beginning from $4000 per hour. 
  • Super mid-size cost nearly $5000 per hour 
  • Heavy jets cost about $6000 per hour
  • Ultra-long-range private jets start around $8000 per hour

However, larger capacity jets are also available to a charter that are capable of long-range international travel. These ultra-luxury VIP airlines start around $18000 TO $20000 per hour. 

Distance travelled

Private jet prices can also depend on the distance travelled. The longer length will cost more than shorter distances. It's because longer distances need super-mid-size jets or ultra-long-range jets that cost around $5000 and $8000 per hour, respectively. 

Moreover, prices can also vary depending on fuel costs for private aviation. Longer distances require more fuel than shorter lengths.

Age of Aircraft

It's another essential factor that can help private jet providers to determine the total costs of private flights. A more recent and freshly released aircraft costs more per hour than an old age private aircraft. Private jet prices depending on the age of can vary from $100 to $1000 per hour or maybe more. 

Aside from prices, luxury features can also vary depending on the age of the aircraft. It's because new aircraft come with modern technology and pro-level luxuries that can make you able to stay connected to the world while flying in the air. In contrast, an old age aircraft may lack modern technology and many other luxury features that a new one provides. 

Destination related private aircraft costs

Your flight destination may be another factor that can determine the total costs of private flights. Runaway sizes are not exact from airport to airport, and some aircraft use different runways length for a safe landing at specific airports. Aside from destination, airport fees and landing fees can determine the total cost of private flights. 

Billable Flight time

Billable flight time means wheels up to wheels down; however, it does not include taxi fees. But positioning fees and time in the air plus are included.