Isn't it fascinating to fly in a private jet by avoiding the rush, long lines at the installation, and packed planes? Do you assume that they only design private jets for the elite class? No, this is a misconception! Thanks to the latest technology, it is unnecessary to be the ultra-rich for enjoying a personal jet flight. Today several airline companies have got up with different alternatives to make private aviation at a moderate price, rather than spending thousands of million dollars for acquiring a plane and its maintenance.

Yup, this is true that some private aviation is as much tighter than buying a regular ticket. Private flights are so beneficial and reasonable in the sense that you decide the departure time, you chose the airport, no boarding passes, and much more.

So, relax and discover "Why Private Jet Flights are Cheaper than You Think?"

Lease a Jet:

Lease a jet is a much more economical option than spending thousands of million dollars on your private plane. Thanks to PJP, without breaking a bank, you can now hire the whole jet. PJP is one of the largest private aviation companies in the U. S offering cheap deals for private aeronautics. This leading aviation company offers its client two different lease agreements of Dry lease and Wet lease.

A dry lease is a charter agreement, where a private aviation company rents you a whole jet without added essentials of the crew, pilot, and staff. The wet-lease is a leasing agreement where you will own the entire jet for a certain period along with the crew, captain, team, and all the essentials. You can enjoy our other amazing jet leasing deals in which you can get a chance to board on empty leg flights, saving almost 70% of the actual flying fee. It can cost you less than $400.

Empty Leg Flights:

Are you planning trips anywhere in Italy like Rome, Napes, or Milan on a low budget? Then enjoy the most peaceful, economical, relaxed, and personalized to your taste trip in a private plane with empty leg flights.

As the name suggests, empty legs are the jets that fly to the destination with no passengers. An empty leg flight despite reserving a single-sitting, the entire jet is all yours because of no passenger. Because of the pre-designed limited routes, empty leg flights are more workable to be reasonable and budget-friendly. Some charter jet companies claim empty legs can be 75% less costly than the standard charter flight.

But there's a fly in the ointment: they can cancel a flight anytime or a minute before the take-off because of the booking by some full-priced customer or technical malfunction.

Last Minute Charter:

PJP provides an unmatched last minute flying experience with their fleet of jet, twin-piston, turboprop, and jumbo jet to anywhere with full protocol, high-level service, and style at cost-friendly prices. Last-minute flights are best for business aviation, as it is much more flexible and convenient. PJP lets you book one seat or the entire jet to your vacation spot, be it be Miami, Nassau, or anywhere you want.